IERI was designed with the modern woman in mind.

I was in a pinch to get to a date after work and imagined a reality where I could just turn my dress inside out and head out the door - something that could transition from a day at the office to a night out. No subway ride home, no panicked wardrobe change, and maybe..actually showing up on time..

IERI was founded on the simple premise that reversible clothing should not be reserved for children and men’s outerwear. Rather, reversible garments can be designed with elegance and sophistication, in addition to the obvious practicality.

IERI allows the wearer to minimize clutter in their wardrobe and travel light, one garment becomes two. Our skirts become strapless dresses - every detail is designed to be versatile. Worn in multiple ways, on multiple days. Our color combinations are selected with duality in mind.

Summer, Winter.
Spring, Fall.
Night, Day.

We place emphasis on the longevity of each garment - IERI pieces are designed to be shared and passed down, to be worn for a lifetime.

All silks and yarns are imported from Italy.
Designed and made in New York.